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EKSEEPNOS means "SMART," distinctively identifies itself among others in the industry. We provide the knowledge so that you can be innovative in what you do.

Ekseepnos has a reputation for providing - unprecedented levels of service and client commitment. Innovative research standards allow us to blend traditional and innovative research approaches. Uncompromised field quality for Qual and Quant - consistently exceeding clients' expectations. Our goal is to elevate Market Research beyond the time-honored principles.
Our Areas of specilization include the following:

Ever Changing world of information

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is conducted with larger statistically representative samples to gather data on particular topics in order to make statistical generalizations.
Typically the objective of quantitative research is to find out the percentage of respondents who hold certain attitude or demonstrate particular behaviors. This commonly involves collecting information about various services and product.
3 basic types of quantitative Research:

Qualitative Research

Qualitative pertains to 'Quality'. Qualitative research is more subjective probing the attitudes and behaviors that shape the buying habits of your customers for instance and defining your market.
The results of qualitative research go beyond the numbers to provide you with the characteristics or attributes of your market.
Qualitative research can be used for many important components of an effective marketing plan.

EverChangingWorldof information

Qualitative research provides insights into the market, customers and future trends not obtaineable through other means.
The value of qualitative research is in providing a deeper understanding of the market situation and/or issues that by typical quantitative surveys allow. The most typical form of qualitative research is focus group and In-Depth interviews.

We offer a total spectrumm of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, from in-person to
Web based research services.
Our reputation is based on unprecedented levels of service, client commitment, and uncompromising research standards. That's what sets us apart from other companies, they do market research.

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